Certification Program Spring Update

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Updated specifications and tools

Opera TV’s Certification Program has really evolved since we launched it 9 months ago! We have updated specifications and tools for our developer community, making it quicker and easier for you to create, test and deploy HTML5 apps for the connected TV device ecosystem powered by Opera TV.

Test your apps and video streams with the Opera TV Emulator

The Opera TV Emulator gives you everything you need to test and validate your app, from the HTML5 markup code level, to validating that your video streams play successfully. The emulator includes the Opera TV SDK with the media-streaming module, which supports the most popular types of video formats such as Apple HLS, Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH.

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Create once, deploy across platforms

The Opera TV Certification Program unites HTML5-based apps into one unified, coherent ecosystem that is market-ready at the silicon level. Our specification provides all the details you need, including code examples and guidelines, that will help to ensure full compliance with Opera TV certified devices.

Instead of creating multiple app versions and managing QA lifecycles for each platform, we make it possible for you to develop the app once, and deploy it across the entire Opera TV certified device eco-system, which contains high-end brands such as Sony TV and Bluray, Hisense TV, Samsung Bluray, TiVo and many more.

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Release notes and highlights

Opera TV Emulator v3.0 (4.10)

  • The browser engine version is updated to Opera TV SDK 4.10
  • Text-to-speech support added – validate how your app behaves in a text-to-speech accessibility environment
  • Bookmark feature – instead of typing in URLs manually every time, you can now bookmark them for quicker access
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

App Specification 4.10

  • Overview of supported combinations of DRM and adaptive-bitrate streaming formats, including MPEG-DASH, Apple HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, PlayReady and Widevine
  • Performance acceptance criteria added to address app loading time, internal navigation and user action measurements

New developer wiki (developer.vewd.com)

  • Brand new wiki-style developer page with all the information, tools and support you need
  • Includes specifications, articles, FAQs and a knowledge base

Global support team experts can help

In addition to all the tools and resources, we also provide you with access to a global support team of experts in Europe, North America and Asia.
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