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The Vewd App Store brings together leading entertainment from around the world, connecting consumers everywhere to the content they love through nearly 1500 Vewd Enabled Apps.  While the App Store contains content from leading providers, Vewd is also the leading technical partner enabling premium content from YouTube, HBO, BBC, Hulu, Amazon and many more.  Our selection is constantly expanding across genres as we partner with leading content providers globally to grow our selection of apps in our store, so we can provide consumers with the content they demand.


From blockbusters hits to film classics, the Vewd App Store offers a range of movies sure to satisfy even the biggest film buff. Claro Video in Latin America, Flix Fling in the United States, Megogo in Russia and award-winning films from Flix Premiere help power our expansive offering of movies.


From educational to entertaining, the Vewd App Store has a robust offering of content suitable for youth at every stage of development.


 The Vewd App Store features a curated selection of the best cooking apps from around the world, giving users a taste of diverse content on food, cuisine, menu planning, tutorials and recipes. Bon appetit!


From live music to streaming radio, Vewd has secured comprehensive libraries from the leading music services spanning various genres, eras and formats.


With a pulse on what’s hot, what’s new and what’s trending, Vewd has partnered with the leading fashion and sartorial content providers to bring you the very best from around the globe. From street style to haute couture, Vewd is ready-to-wear.


Vewd jumps through hoops to deliver the best sports content. From football to futbol, we’ve drafted the MVPs of world sports.


Vewd partners with the leading news outlets giving you 24 hour access to a diverse perspective of what’s going on around the world.


Vewd is viral! We hand select the top performing social media stars for your viewing pleasure. From cute cats to the latest how-to tutorials, you’ll never miss what the world is watching.


We have all of your Bollywood favorites! From Dilip Kumar to Priyanka Chopra, we partner with the leading providers of rich Indian cinematic fare. Ānanda lēm!


Stay in the know with the latest and greatest content from tech notables like Wired Magazine, Mashable and Cnet.


From exotic travel experiences to arresting encounters with nature, we are your passport to the world!


Vewd brings you a content offering as diverse as you are covering religion, race, sexuality and lifestyle.


Vewd covers Latin America with Spanish-language content from your favorite TV shows, movies, music and sports providers.