Automotive Systems

Putting the entertainment in infotainment

Cars are inherently complex with many connected components needed to deliver all the features that drivers and passengers demand. It’s not just radio, satellite navigation, and management of vehicle systems. Passengers now want in-car access to all of their favorite content, not just from smartphones and physical storage devices but also from their apps, direct from streaming services and even over-the-air from TV broadcasters.

To make all this entertainment easily available to passengers, automotive system makers need proven technology for content acquisition, access and playback all combined in an intuitive user experience that matches consumers’ expectations with minimized development effort.

At the same time, upgradeability needs to be built-in to keep the experience up-to-date and fresh over the lifetime of the vehicle.

For nearly two decades, Vewd has been delivering such entertainment solutions, developing technologies that have been deployed in millions of vehicles around the world, enabling content playback and state-of-the art user experiences for consumers on the move.

Explore the Benefits of Vewd

  • Complete packages of touch-enabled UX components, simplifying the development of interfaces that bring together content from all sources
  • Cross-platform integration with Linux, QNX and Android to enhance and extend functionality across diverse hardware deployments
  • Discovery, UX and search APIs give full control of the storefront, promotion and content offering
  • Regional and global premium apps available to augment the offering anywhere in the world
  • Solutions available to make systems 5G-ready and future-proof by rendering the UX in the cloud.
  • Most proven OTT technology in the marketplace – built by the team that kickstarted the smart TV revolution
  • Best-in-class software development and project delivery teams, supporting product roll-outs at every stage
  • Flexibility to deploy a complete product suite or individual modules

Relevant Products

A robust, open, HTML5 rendering platform for creating connected, interactive TV experiences. Pre-ported on all leading SoCs and fully integrated on Linux and Android.

A suite of modules that extend Vewd Core with features satisfying regional hybrid TV specifications and other market-specific requirements.

App Store

An HTML5 storefront, pre-populated with hundreds of apps and content sources from leading providers worldwide, including major OTT brands.

Vewd UX Modules

A complete package of ready for certification UX components, simplifying the development of modern, intuitive user experiences bringing together content from all sources.

A cloud browsing solution that delivers OTT apps, content and UX elements to set-top boxes whatever their performance.

An open internet browser, designed to deliver a superior internet browsing experience specifically on TVs and touch screens.

By the Numbers

Most deployed HTML5 SDK in the industry
All major silicon vendors supported
Market leader in enabling OTT on connected devices
300 million devices shipped with Vewd products in total