Middleware Providers

Most deployed HTML5 SDK in the industry
The stage is set, as the demand for unified content experiences through set-top boxes is at an all-time high. However, despite the bold vision of middleware vendors, very few actually make the successful leap to enable true OTT through their software stack.

The inherent challenges in supporting OTT grow each year, due to lower resource prioritization, and underestimation of the task at hand to keep up with the fast-moving content owner landscape. Plus, requirements to keep capital expenditure and operating expenses at modest levels result in low quality output, missed project milestones and presenting outdated experiences to valuable subscribers.

Vewd excels at managing everything OTT, and partners successfully with numerous middleware vendors globally. By partnering with us, middleware vendors can turn their focus to differentiating their core offering, trusting that Vewd will remain at the forefront of OTT enabling solutions, providing seamless cloud and client interfaces for modern user experiences.

Explore the benefits of Vewd

  • Products designed to keep pace with the latest industry innovations and use aces covering all key geographies with a modern API framework
  • Trusted software partner with proven full-stack OTT technology covering all modern use cases
  • Flexible and modular software architecture designed to integrate seamlessly with middleware environments
  • Products support all major OTT services globally
  • Fastest time-to-market in the industry
  • Leading global supplier to all major set-top box vendors
  • Stable partner investing heavily in R&D

Industry Challenges

  • Attracting, developing and retaining software engineers with relevant OTT skill sets
  • Seamless content discovery expectations blending traditional linear channels and OTT services
  • Need to retro-fit already deployed legacy set-top boxes with OTT capabilities
  • Departure from “turnkey” delivery models due to multiple operator profiles and lack of industry standards

Relevant Products

A robust, open platform for creating connected, interactive TV solutions that support Linux, Android and RDK.

The industry’s best standalone products, available to be licensed as add-ons.

The Vewd App Store is an HTML5-based storefront of exciting web apps optimized for TV.

Develop and deploy certified TV applications on tens of millions Vewd-powered devices.

Software integration, support and business advisory services delivered around the world with expertise in OTT-enabling topics.

An open internet browser, designed to deliver a superior internet browsing experience on television screens.

By the Numbers

Most deployed HTML5 SDK in the industry
Market leader enabling OEM and operator transition to OTT
Largest independent provider of embedded and cloud-based OTT software