Pay TV Operators

Combining Linear and OTT for the Modern Subscriber

Consumers don’t watch TV like they used to. They’re still watching broadcast TV, but they’re also watching OTT content at an ever growing rate, challenging pay TV operators with enabling both in a consistent and easy-to-use way.

Implementing an effective hybrid approach to TV delivery has now become critical for both customer satisfaction and subscriber retention.

At the same time, changing content consumption habits are putting pressure on operators to accelerate their development roadmaps to compete with other devices that give consumers many of the constantly evolving content choices they crave.

To help service providers meet these demands, Vewd offers flexible and upgradeable software modules that enable the integration of OTT content and apps into any pay TV experience.

Building on that foundation, Vewd also offers complete user experience (UX) products, integrating metadata-driven search and discovery capabilities that make it simple for subscribers to find what they want to watch, whether it’s live or on demand, and whatever the content delivery method.


Combining Vewd’s Pay TV solutions with its Smart TV platform technologies enables the creation of TVs that support the delivery of full-featured pay TV services without the need for a set-top box. Eliminating the set-top saves CapEx, avoids the battle for HDMI-1, and at the same time improves the experience for subscribers.

To support this new ‘Operator TV’ market, Vewd offers a complete range of solutions ranging from the packaged delivery of key platform and UX modules through to full turnkey developments delivered via SaaS business models.

Operator TV Resources

Gain access to detailed Vewd Operator TV product sheets and more.

Explore the Benefits of Vewd

  • Cross-platform integration with Linux, RDK, AOSP and Android TV to enhance and extend functionality across diverse hardware deployments
  • Device management tools support full control of the box lifecycle, along with diagnostics and monitoring to simplify customer support and maintenance
  • Regional and global content packages available to augment the offering anywhere in the world
  • Personalization tools, with full ownership of all data, provide complete control of the UX via the cloud
  • Discovery, UX and search APIs enable promotion and storefront control, and speed content selection
  • Solutions available to save CapEx and make systems future-proof by executing the UX in the cloud
  • Deployable on Smart TVs as well as set-top boxes opening up new business opportunities in the retail channel for operators
  • Most proven OTT technology in the marketplace – built by the team that kickstarted the connected TV revolution

Relevant Products

Vewd OpX icon

A ready-to-go cloud-managed user experience for pay TV set-top boxes, enabling easy content discovery and consumption across linear, on-demand, apps, games, and more.

A robust, open, HTML5 rendering platform for creating connected, interactive TV experiences. Pre-ported on all leading SoCs and fully integrated on Linux, Android and RDK.

Vewd Content Suite icon

A complete cloud-based catalog, and optional storefront, with hundreds of apps and content sources from leading providers worldwide, including major OTT brands.

vewd IQ orange 62x64

An ML-based analytics solution enabling TV service providers to continuously optimize the entertainment experience for their viewers and subscribers.

A cloud browsing solution that delivers OTT apps, content and UX elements to set-top boxes whatever their performance.

A turnkey media streaming player, purpose-built to enable operators to expand the reach of their OTT services.

By the Numbers

Over 50 leading global pay TV operators utilize Vewd products
All major silicon vendors supported
Market leader in enabling OTT on connected devices
450 million devices shipped with Vewd products in total