Silicon Vendors

Vewd products are available on all major silicon vendors
The rapidly changing OTT industry puts a tremendous strain on the entire connected device ecosystem, much of which is felt by silicon vendors owing to their close relationship to device manufacturers. The pressure to operate at expanded product margins while satisfying consumer demand for bleeding-edge technology, forces manufacturers to rely on their semiconductor partners to package up near turnkey software.

However, the business of producing quality semiconductors with rock solid supporting firmware and drivers is no easy task. Coupled with aggressive annual product cycles, silicon vendors have little to no capacity to take on the mammoth task of building and evolving global OTT technology and supporting all their customers.

Silicon vendors have found their trusted partner in Vewd. We proactively co-invest in annual development cycles, ensuring Vewd’s entire suite of OTT enabling software is readily available. This provides manufacturers with unrivaled time-to-market advantages and significantly reduces their capital expenditure.

Explore the Benefits of Vewd

  • Products designed to keep pace with the latest industry innovations and supporting over 150 country-specific requirements
  • Best-in-class software development and product delivery teams
  • Co-investment with SoC partners to jointly pursue business development opportunities
  • Fastest time-to-market in the industry
  • Significantly reduce costs related to enabling OTT
  • Products support all major OTT services globally
  • Stable partner investing heavily in R&D

Relevant Products

A robust, open platform for creating connected, interactive TV solutions that support Linux, Android and RDK.

The industry’s best standalone products, available to be licensed as add-ons.

The Vewd App Store is an HTML5-based storefront of exciting web apps optimized for TV.

Develop and deploy certified TV applications on tens of millions Vewd-powered devices.

Software integration, support and business advisory services delivered around the world with expertise in OTT-enabling topics.

An open internet browser, designed to deliver a superior internet browsing experience on television screens.


Vewd products ship on 40 million devices each year
Vewd products available on all major silicon vendors
300 million devices shipped with Vewd products in total
Market leader enabling OEM and operator transition