Vewd for Automotive Enables Premium Entertainment in Skywell Flagship Electric SUV

Interior of the Skywell ET5.
Consumers will soon be able to experience a full range of streaming entertainment in the Skywell ET5 SUV

Also available in Chinese.

OSLO, Norway – January 27, 2022 – Vewd, the leading provider of OTT software solutions, today announced that Vewd for Automotive, a white-labeled, cloud-managed content aggregation, and monetization solution, has been successfully enabled in Skywell’s flagship electric SUV, the ET5. With Vewd for Automotive, consumers can access the widest possible variety of entertainment options – including radio, podcasts, broadcast television, OTT apps, and video-on-demand (VOD) resulting in an unrivaled infotainment experience.

The Skywell ET5 SUV is a technology and entertainment powerhouse featuring immersive audio and video, as well as seamless integration with smart home appliances from Skyworth and other manufacturers.

“The ET5 will feature a wide selection of the content that consumers demand,” said Leon Zhu, Supervisor of Overseas, Skywell. “Vewd for Automotive can help us deliver a rich, premium content experience tailored to each market with local OTT, broadcaster apps and even navigation apps by region, easily managed through a cloud backend. The ET5 will have an unparalleled content experience, powered by Vewd.”

“Skywell is a forward-thinking manufacturer that clearly understands the emerging content opportunity in the connected car,” said Aneesh Rajaram, CEO, Vewd. “We’re honored that Vewd for Automotive delivers even more entertainment capabilities to one of the most impressively outfitted electric SUVs on the market.”

Vewd for Automotive solves all of the key content challenges facing manufacturers, with a turnkey solution ready for deployment. Content in the car fulfills not only increasing consumer demand for content everywhere but also drives demand for connectivity, opening up new business opportunities that provide additional after-sales service and revenue. By collaborating with Vewd to partner with content providers in target launch regions, manufacturers like Skywell can enable personalized consumer experiences.

About Skywell
The mission of Skywell Automobile is to achieve the healthy life for people over the world, and to make the car as “mobile smart product” that everyone can consume like a normal home appliance. As the first product created with this concept, Skywell ET5 takes the brand slogan “Skywell All is Well” as its goal along with its ultra-high quality and unique humanized design, bringing users a new way to travel with high-tech, safety and comfort.

About Skywell ET5
Skywell’s first intelligent pure electric mid-level SUV with technology for healthy, Skywell ET5, was officially launched on September 28, 2021. It comes with three colors, Starry Grey, Fanxing Blue and Bright moon white, were launched to meet different color needs.

About Vewd
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