Vewd + Android TV
The Perfect Pair

Vewd completes Android TV

Operators globally are converging towards Android TV. Learn why Vewd OS and integrated modules create an essential complement to Android TV with features, content, and service.

Boost readiness and seize control with Vewd’s range of offerings, built and optimized for Android TV and Android TV – Operator Tier.

Android Launcher

Vewd OS is now optimized for Android TV, complete with its own launcher. Now you can enjoy all the product benefits of Vewd OS, while offering your customers a cinematic, video-first viewing experience.

A World of Apps

Operators like that Android TV has a number of global streaming apps written natively for the platform. Vewd complements this offering with a full HTML5 application environment loaded with key regional and local apps such as broadcast catch-up TV services, directly available from the home screen. This gives you full control over the OTT experience your subscribers enjoy.

The Best Android EPG

Enhance your Android TV offering with a state-of-the-art, backward-facing Electronic Program Guide (EPG).  OTT metadata and supporting standard features such as start-over mode and catch-up mode in combination with the operator head-end.

Data and Analytics Galore

Enjoy extensive platform data and analytics, so you can better understand your customers’ journeys.

New Monetization Opportunities

Whether through transactions, advertising or recurring subscriptions, OTT streaming unlocks several new revenue streams. Vewd shares those revenues with customers so the entire ecosystem benefits.

World-Class Service

All of the apps in Vewd OS are backed by Vewd’s 24/7 app support. Any issue, any time of day. You can even add apps through your own agreements and enjoy the convenience of Vewd managing all technical relationships.