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An HTML5-based storefront of exciting web apps optimized for TV

Vewd App Store

Vewd App Store brings all the leading entertainment from around the world, connecting consumers everywhere to the content they love. Vewd App Store is the most-deployed TV App Store for smart TV and set-top boxes.

Nearly 1500 great TV apps have been enabled by Vewd. While the App Store contains content from leading providers, some of which are showcased in our snapshot below, Vewd is also the leading technical partner to enable premium content from YouTube, HBO, BBC, Hulu, Amazon and many more.

Our selection is constantly expanding across genres like drama, comedy, sports, music, games, news and more as we partner with leading content providers globally to ensure that the Vewd App Store always has the most popular content available.

Vewd Enabled

The Vewd Enabled logo announces that any device or service bearing the symbol makes it possible for our customers to connect consumers with the content they love. Visit the Vewd Enabled page to learn more.

How to create apps for the Vewd App Store

Developers can easily repurpose existing HTML5 applications running on computers and mobile devices to work on TV. For more information, including all you need to develop apps for the Vewd App Store, visit the TV developer portal.

How to publish apps in the Vewd App Store

Once you have created a TV app, you can submit it for inclusion in the Vewd App Store catalog. To do this, simply create an account and upload your app to the Developer submission portal. Once we review your app, it can go live in the Vewd App Store. If you would like to discuss potential partnerships around TV apps, please contact us.

By the Numbers

Vewd products available on all major silicon vendors
Track record of pioneering industry-first OTT solutions
70% market share of smart TVs
1500 TV apps enabled

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Vewd Snap and Developer tools will help you create web content for TV, build your own Vewd Store apps and easily develop, debug and test them.

Vewd Snap

Seamlessly convert video catalogs into smart TV apps

Vewd TV Emulator

Test and debug apps targeting Vewd Core and the Vewd Media Player