Vewd Browser

The World From Your Sofa

Meet the Vewd Browser

The way we interact with television is changing. Our world is more content-driven than ever before, and users increasingly demand access to online content no matter where they are. With the Vewd Browser, users can experience all the web has to offer without leaving their TV screen, searching for their favorite content regardless of whether an app is available.

TV content from the web

Vewd Browser invites users to explore the internet from their TV, bringing the full web-browsing experience to connected TVs with minimal time and cost. The user interface is optimized for the TV screen, presenting the best browsing experience available on today’s range of connected TVs.

Made For TV Screens

Designed for TV, with ‘virtual mouse’ navigation, integrated on-screen keyboard and accessibility features built-in

Secure & Robust

Runs on Vewd Core, the industry’s most deployed HTML5 SDK, with browser content sandboxed from the TV UI for security and reliability

Rich Feature Set

Includes full screen tabbed browsing, plus support for Speed Dial, bookmarks and history, ensuring fast access to content

Content Ready

Supports HTML5 video, CE-HTML, JS Plugins, and more, enabling TV viewers to browse online content not supported natively or in an app

Platform Agnostic

Provides a consistent browsing experience on Android or Linux, and on any TV SoC

Small Footprint

Uses screen real estate efficiently and has resource requirements specifically tailored to TV devices