Vewd Core Modules

Enhance Vewd Core with market-specific features

Vewd Core Modules

A suite of innovative modules that integrate with Vewd Core to satisfy various market-specific requirements. Discover all of the Vewd Core Modules today.

Hybrid TV Module

An out-of-the-box solution for displaying “red button” apps and services, including EPG’s, catch-up TV services, home shopping, interactive ads and more.

Delivers HbbTV 1.5, HbbTV 2.0 and Freeview Play compatibility, and HbbTV 2.0.1. It comes with the necessary HbbTV/OIPF integrations required by some standard platforms.

Media Sync Module

An add-on to the Hybrid TV Module that implements HbbTV 2.0.1 requirements for Companion Screen Integration and Media Synchronization. Pre-integrated with the Media Player Module, it enables innovative features on standards-based platforms.

Media Player Module

A full-featured streaming stack with integration components for video, audio and DRM (PlayReady, Widevine, Marlin and Verimatrix) – ported and ready on the leading TV silicon platforms.

HbbTV OpApp Module

Enables a device to detect an operator app (OpApp) in the broadcast signal, load it over IP, and let it take full control of the experience, while still allowing broadcast HbbTV apps to run as normal.


Vewd Snap and Developer tools will help you create web content for TV, build your own Vewd Store apps and easily develop, debug and test them.

Vewd Snap

Seamlessly convert video catalogs into smart TV apps

Vewd TV Emulator

Test and debug apps targeting Vewd Core and the Vewd Media Player