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Vewd Core

In a world of massively available online content, every connected TV device needs a rendering engine to provide access to OTT and web content. However, the continuous evolution of the internet means that such engines are expensive to develop and maintain, especially in markets where there is hardware fragmentation. Vewd Core solves this problem by delivering to customers a fully supported HTML5 engine specifically engineered to run efficiently on embedded devices.

Vewd Core is built on industry-standard Chromium/Blink code for full compatibility with ever-changing online specifications. Additional enhancements extend it to provide all the key technologies required to enable both OTT entertainment and advanced user experiences on consumer products such as Smart TVs and set-top boxes.

But that’s not all! Vewd Core extends HTML5 to include support for HbbTV and other Hybrid TV standards such as ATSC 3.0, Hybridcast and Ginga, delivering full compatibility with broadcaster platforms and requirements. And, it has been designed to work seamlessly with TV middlewares and native apps on any TV OS or chipset, making it the ideal foundation on which to develop cutting-edge software, whatever the TV device.

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Core Functionality for Connected TV

Vewd Core is a comprehensive technology platform for the creation of entertainment experiences on all types of connected TV devices. Its integrated features speed time-to-market and free up engineers from infrastructure development to focus on the product features that really differentiate and add value.

HTML Rendering

Vewd Core is built on an implementation of the Chromium HTML5 engine, tuned and optimized for embedded devices such as Smart TVs and STBs, and delivered as a software development kit (SDK).

Content Playback

Vewd Core can play content encoded in any format, and with any DRM, from both OTT and broadcast sources, enabling integration of both live and on-demand content into unified user experiences.

Content Catalog

A catalog of hundreds of premium, regional and local apps provides pre-certified content to run on Vewd Core, bringing a huge range of additional entertainment services to UXes built on the platform.


Vewd Core supports HbbTV, and other hybrid standards such as ATSC 3.0, Hybridcast and Ginga, delivering full compatibility with broadcaster platforms and specifications from around the world.


For those wishing to use the Smart TV as a platform for pay TV, Vewd Core fully supports all the profiles of the HbbTV OpApp specifications – Standard, Privileged and Operator-specific.


Vewd Core includes support for targeted advertising based on HbbTV TA, enabling generic ads in a broadcast to be substituted with personalized ads delivered over broadband.


Vewd Core includes support for videoconferencing including for those services that use the industry standard WebRTC protocol as the basis for their communications.


Vewd Core includes a built-in application manager to ease the integration of native apps, and other modules that are not built around HTML5 standards.


Vewd Core is available for Linux, Android and RDK OSes and has been ported to all the leading TV SoC families, providing unrivaled choice and flexibility for manufacturers.

Vewd products built on Vewd Core

Vewd uses Vewd Core as the foundation for its own range of software solutions for Smart TV, Pay TV and automotive applications.

Smart TV

Vewd OS icon

A customizable, consumer-grade, silicon-to-content software platform for smart TVs. The industry’s most complete OTT TV solution.

A solution bringing together broadcaster on-demand content and live TV to create a certification-ready interactive user experience for any TV.

Pay TV

Vewd OpX icon

Complete operator user experience, fully based on HTML technology, pre-integrated with Vewd Core and Content Suite, ready to deploy on any OS.

A turnkey (hardware plus software) media streaming player platform, featuring Vewd OpX, purpose-built to enable operators to expand the reach of their OTT services.


Vewd Content Suite icon

A complete cloud-based entertainment catalog, and optional storefront, with hundreds of apps and content sources from leading providers worldwide.

A superior internet browsing experience on television screens and displays, extending the range of content and online services available to viewers.


Vewd Snap and Developer tools will help you create web content for TV, build your own Vewd Store apps and easily develop, debug and test them.

Vewd Snap

Seamlessly convert video catalogs into smart TV apps

Vewd TV Emulator

Test and debug apps targeting Vewd Core and the Vewd Media Player