Vewd Go

The fastest way to an OTT solution

Vewd Go

Say hello to Vewd Go, a market-ready, white label (hardware + software) OTT dongle. Reach cord-nevers, cord-cutters, and multi-room subscribers on their terms – and yours.

Vewd Go changes the game for operators by expanding customer reach with minimal acquisition costs.

Be Empowered

Take back control of the OTT device and offer the TV experience you envisioned. Easily and quickly connect and grow your subscriber base on your terms, while providing the apps and content consumers know and love.

Leverage Investments

Already own a multi-screen OTT service and distribute it on third-party streaming devices? Now you can own those devices, significantly improving the success rate of your OTT investments. Let your app be the hero experience of Vewd Go, and complement it with Vewd’s app catalog.

Manage Costs

Tightly designed with our partners, Vewd Go significantly lowers the capex required to own and launch an OTT device. No matter whether its Full HD or 4K, your subscriber acquisition costs are now more competitive than ever before and eliminate the need for alternative streaming devices.

Delight Consumers

Built on Vewd OS, Vewd Go gives you full flexibility from the first app position to a fully customizable home screen. Users enjoy a cinematic, modern experience, while you benefit from cloud-based management tools and new monetization opportunities. Everyone wins.

Vewd Go Stick
Vewd Go Box

Vewd: Highly Optimized Software

Because it boasts a highly optimized Vewd OS, Vewd Go gives operators peace-of-mind that they’ll have the modern app experiences users crave.

Amlogic: Industry-Leading Chipsets

Vewd Go is more than software. It’s a turnkey platform powered by and optimized for Amlogic’s popular chipsets.