Vewd OS. Smarter TV.

The Smart TV Game Has Changed.

Built on the industry’s most chosen OTT enabling technology – Vewd Core – Vewd OS elevates the smart TV experience to bring everyone a better way of watching what they love with simple yet powerful viewing features. From cohesive integration of content from multiple sources to cloud-based app access, Vewd OS changes the way users watch TV forever.

Vewd OS Product Resources

Download the Vewd OS product sheet for more information.

Video First User Interface

The consumer smart device experience has finally been elevated. Beginning with a cinematic home screen, Vewd OS immerses the viewer in video. Static apps icons give way to dynamic thumbnails giving users a real-time review of content.

A Reimagined Program Guide

Boundaries are a thing of the past. Activated by remote control or voice, The Vewd Program Guide seamlessly integrates live TV, native internet content and on-demand video allowing users to time-shift and watch previously aired content.

Content Integration

Vewd OS comes pre-packaged with major global, and popular regional, premium VOD services along with broadcaster apps and hyper local and niche content, all under the control of an easy to use Cloud-based app management system.

Personal. Powerful.

Breakthrough personalization features allow viewers to favorite nearly everything from apps to video. Designed to navigate and launch video in the shortest time possible via either remote or voice control. Vewd OS brings it all together to help find what to watch next – faster.

Vewd OS: Made for Manufacturers

Today, most independent smart TV operating systems allow their makers to capture all the value – not manufacturers. Vewd OS changes this power dynamic by bringing all of the features manufacturers want and need, while adding new capabilities through the Vewd Cloud.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Whether you want a complete turnkey solution, or prefer to mix-and-match from a combination of Vewd’s world-class products and modules, it’s never been easier or more flexible to build a differentiated and modern Smart TV experience.

Deep Analytics

Gain insights into how viewers interact not only with the product, but also with the apps and content available through Vewd OS. Those analytics can then be used to further test, refine and deploy new user experiences on devices.

Puts the Brand in Focus

An easy-to-use toolkit allows comprehensive alterations to the look, feel and branding to make every device portfolio distinct and unique.

After-Sale Monetization

The story doesn’t have to end once the TV is sold. Vewd OS lets manufacturers share revenue after the sale, tapping into significant recurring revenue opportunities.

All the Essentials – Managed by Vewd Cloud

Vewd OS is richly outfitted with standard software features for smart TVs, such as a media player, device settings, and many more – all managed from the Vewd Cloud. The Vewd Cloud also includes privacy controls (with GDPR support), ad management and audience promotion tools, making Vewd OS the perfect mix of software and cloud services.

The World-leader in Silicon Integration

Vewd OS is currently optimized across dozens of major smart TV semiconductor platforms. This ensures a readily-available, high-performance software solution on the manufacturer’s chosen semiconductor platform, significantly reducing investment costs and the timeline for bringing devices to market.

For Content Owners

Attract new viewers, strengthen engagement and improve monetization. Vewd OS helps content owners grow and unlock new opportunities.

Best-In-Class Promotional Tools

Drive traffic and increase viewers with the help of the industry’s most comprehensive promotional toolkit for video. Vewd OS maximizes the screen real estate for video, and provides more opportunities to discover your next viewer.

Smooth Onboarding

Get up and running quickly with the industry’s smoothest onboarding process using our automated tools or white-gloved service. Our robust certification program ensure distribution and performance across millions of Vewd-enabled devices as well as Vewd OS.

Ad Management and Monetization

Monetization of streamed content doesn’t have to be a burden. Easily earn money from content by displaying pre-, mid- and post-roll advertisements within your TV app, using an existing or Vewd’s advertising solution.