Build Better Embedded

May 26 - 27, 2021

A virtual conference for embedded software, cloud, and UI technologies.

For Developers. By Developers.

Go behind the curtain of Vewd’s Emmy-award-winning software and benefit from the tips, tricks, successes, and learnings from our global team of embedded software engineers. Register for free for a calendar reminder, or watch – right here – LIVE on May 26th and 27th.


Day 1 - Wednesday, May 26th

10:00 AM Vewd.Dev Opening Remarks - Sebastian Baberowski
10:05 AM Kubernetes Labels for Service Version Tracking - Michał Gorynia

With tools like Kubernetes fuelling a trend to maintain many services, at some point, it becomes a challenge to easily ingest what version of your code is actually deployed and running on a cluster, especially with CI/CD doing its work. In such situations, it’s common to over-engineer a solution. In his talk, Michał will propose a dead-simple solution to this problem. Moreover, the solution requires only Kubernetes itself.

11:00 AM It's the Network’s Fault. Let’s Go Home - Patryk Kajdas

In this talk, Vewd engineer Patryk Kajdas presents a real-life investigation debugging a tricky browser behavioral issue where the temptation was to blame the network. He’ll show the dead-ends into which he arrived and how he pushed through to an eventual solution.

12:00 PM System Memory Profiling On TV - Åsa Karlsson

This presentation introduces the concept of system memory, a distinct partition of a device’s RAM. Vewd Software Developer Åsa Karlsson provides hands-on examples of how to profile memory usage on applications running on an embedded Linux system. The presentation also discusses how to measure system memory and what to look for in the results, before sharing a technical example of how measuring can be set up on an embedded device. After the presentation, viewers should have a solid understanding of why and how to start profiling memory on their application or embedded device.

1:00 PM JSX without React - Bartłomiej Mieszkowski

This presentation discusses JSX, including what it is, what advantages result from using it, and how it makes life easier for UI developers. In this talk, Vewd UI developer Bartłomiej Mieszkowski will additionally walk through the proper tooling setup necessary to use this extremely handy JavaScript extension.

Day 2 - Thursday, May 27th

10:00 AM Invest in Yourself: What's the Best Asset Class for Software Engineers? - Michał Lech

What’s the best asset class a software engineer can invest in? While you might be tempted to think Stocks, Real Estate, Gold, or Bitcoin, Michał Lech, head of engineering for Vewd Core presents an alternative asset that pays the highest dividends throughout one’s career.

10:10 AM A Cookbook for Investigating Issues in Embedded Apps - Michał Wojcikowski

Let's bring order to the chaotic world of troubleshooting apps on embedded devices. Join Vewd developer Michał Wojcikowski as he shares some advice for new fighters, and some for seasoned warriors as well.

Did something break in your app? Are you tired of just keeping the chaos at bay? Michał will share a more orderly method of troubleshooting issues in the world of embedded devices.

11:00 AM Using Clang for Embedded Linux Environments - Piotr Tworek

One of the established rules for building software running on Linux-based systems is to use the toolchain provided by the vendor or platform. Unfortunately, such a setup has a few downsides. One of those downsides became critical for Vewd and forced the team to look for alternative solutions. Vewd Software Developer Piotr Tworek will describe why and how clang became an essential part of this solution.

12:00 PM Technical Aspects of Building a Device Certification Platform - Piotr Mądzik

Certification is a way of ensuring that some standards of the product are met, and certification platforms help to achieve constant compliance checking during development and before golden. Building a certification platform is a task that is usually strongly bound to the product that is going to be certified, but there are some general issues that are common when working with certifications, regardless of the scope. Vewd developer Piotr Mądzik walks through some of the experiences and lessons learned as we built our own certification platform, Vewd Certify.

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